Wave Energy Ocean Sensor Buoys and Barlus Underwater Cameras: Exploring the Secrets of the Ocean Depths

Wave Energy Ocean Sensor Buoys and Barlus Underwater Cameras: Exploring the Secrets of the Ocean Depths

With global climate change and marine pollution becoming increasingly serious problems, real-time monitoring and data analysis of the marine environment has become particularly important. Wave energy ocean sensors combine advanced sensing technology and ocean engineering knowledge to monitor and record wave height, period, direction and other key parameters in real time. These sensors are deployed under seawater to withstand extreme marine environments, including high salinity, strong corrosion and massive wave impacts.


  • Digital High Definition Video Transmission

Barlus underwater cameras are unique in the field of ocean detection with their superior technical features. Its high-definition image quality and powerful waterproof performance enable it to capture clear and stable images in deep-sea environments, and it can efficiently capture subtle underwater biological activities and topographic features, providing valuable image data for researchers.

  • Supports remote viewing of live video

In addition, the Barlus underwater camera is equipped with remote control and real-time transmission functions. Researchers can control the camera remotely to realize precise control and obtain the required image information. At the same time, the real-time transmission function enables the image data to be quickly transmitted to the ground station, providing timely decision support for researchers.

  • Glass self-cleaning function - reduce manual cleaning costs

At the same time, Barlus underwater cameras are highly flexible and durable, and can adapt to a variety of harsh marine environments. Its seawater-grade stainless steel housing and IP68 long-lasting waterproof design enable it to work under extreme conditions such as high pressure and low temperature in the deep sea. The self-contained glass cleaning brush head supports the setting of daily timed cleaning, which reduces labor maintenance costs.

  • Barlus contributes to the acceleration of the construction of a global ocean center city.

The combination of the wave energy ocean sensor and the Barlus underwater camera not only improves the accuracy and efficiency of ocean detection, but also greatly broadens the field of marine scientific research. This combination allows us to obtain both physical parameters and visual information about the marine environment, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of ocean conditions. It provides strong support for the sustainable utilization of marine resources and the protection of the marine environment.

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