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Underwater Global exposure binocular industrial camera size measurement, stereo measurement, image positioning

Underwater Global exposure binocular industrial camera size measurement, stereo measurement, image positioning

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Model comparison

Model Binocular GY-H1.6F-6DHX20-Double Binocular GY-H3F-6DHX20-Double Binocular GY-H5F-8DHX20-Double
lens 6mm(H62°*V44°)electronic autofocus 8mm(H55°*V41°)electronic autofocus
Pixel Size 3.45μm
Chart size 1/2.9” CMOS, Global shutter 1/1.8"  CMOS,Global shutter 2/3" CMOS, global shutter
Maximum Pixels 1440 × 1080P  65 fps 2048 × 1536P 37fps 2448 × 2048 23FPS
1920 × 1080P 45fps
1280 × 720P  98fps
dynamic range 74 dB >73dB >75.4dB
SNR 41 dB >40dB >40dB
gain margin 0 dB ~ 24 dB 0-20dB 0-17dB
Exposure time range Ultra short exposure mode:1 μs ~ 14 μs 50μs-10sec 34μs-10sec

Product information

1: Output the original image.The captured image has high definition, good color reproduction, and multiple parameters such as exposure time, white balance, contrast, brightness, saturation and chroma can be controlled.
2: Binocular synchronous snapshot
3: Ultra-high pixel and high frame rate output
4: Global shutter-----no smearing when taking pictures
5: Electric zoom ---- adjust the lens according to different application environments, and output images clearly.
6: IP68 waterproof rating
7: Stainless steel shell --- use in seawater and freshwater environments
8: White light and infrared light fill light-----a variety of lighting modes to adapt to different environmental needs.
9: Tensile, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant integrated cable.

🎥Barlus underwater cameras are widely used in aquaculture cameras (fish farming, sea cucumber farming, etc.) , aquarium monitoring camera, shipboard camera, ship engine monitoring camera, marine pasture camera, underwater engineering acceptance camera, marine life detection camera, liquid operation camera for machine processing industry, etc.

Specific information

Shutter mode: Global shutter, support auto exposure, manual exposure, one button exposure and other modes.

Fill light: nothing(Optional configuration light, 6 white lights)

BW COLOUR: colours

Data interface: 3*1 Gigabit Ethernet(1000Mbit/s)

SDK: Support

Buffer Memory Size: 128 MB of frame buffer

Data format: 1.Mono 8/10/12/2.Bayer RG 8/10/10p/12/12p/ 3.YUV 422 Packed/

4.YUV 422_YUYV_Packed/5.RGB 8

Operating system: 32/64-bit Windows XP/7/10, 32/64-bit Linux and 64-bit MacOS

Waterproofing grade: IP68

Texture: Seawater Grade Stainless Steel

Glass cleaning function: (Support customized)

Pipeline pressure test: Maximum 500Kpa (maximum water depth 50M)

Cable: Default length 20 meters,PU material, diameter 12MM.

 60KG tensile resistance,aging resistance, friction resistance, 

seawater corrosion resistance, special underwater wire.

Service environment: Land/vehicle/ship/surface/Underwater (fresh water, sea water)

Operating humidity: 0%-100%

Operating temperature: -20°~55°

Input voltage: DC24V

Size: ⌀125*155mm

Weight: 3.5KG

Packaging: 1 * camera+1 * camera stand fittings+1 * U disk (software and manual)

1 Year Warranty

Please use your Barlus underwater camera with peace of mind. We offer a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem with the camera it can be repaired or returned to you free of charge. Calculated from the date of receipt of the original order.

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About us

Barlus is a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to creating professional and practical underwater surveillance cameras. Feel free to contact us for any further needs!

Global shutter - No Motion Artifacts

Global shutter technology prevents the distortion caused by rolling shutters, commonly seen in traditional shutter mechanisms. This ensures that fast-moving subjects, such as swimming fish or rapidly changing underwater scenes, are captured without the characteristic skewing or warping.

Microsecond high-precision frame synchronization

Parallax errors occur when objects appear to shift positions relative to each other when viewed from different angles. Binocular cameras minimize parallax errors by capturing images simultaneously, resulting in more accurate 3D reconstructions.

Original Gigabit output - uncompressed

Gigabit data transfer facilitates the transfer of data from the camera to a processing unit or storage device at high speeds. This enables efficient data processing, analysis, and storage, enhancing the overall performance of the binocular camera system. Provides the most accurate computational data for AI analysis.

Application Scenarios

Suitable for applications such as fish AI analysis, fish size measurements, underwater 3D cloud reconstruction, pipe/hole ranging, behavioral analysis and more.

Note: Barlus does not provide software for AI analysis services or calculations. The camera can only provide image/video data for computational analysis.

  • Underwater viewing

  • Aquaculture

  • Underwater Engineering Monitoring

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Customer Reviews

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Impressive image quality and build quality!!!

There is no other underwater IP camera company on the market. With that said this thing is fantastic. It feels like it’s bulletproof and industrial grade and definitely stainless steel. I’ve had it in my saltwater pool for a few weeks now with no corrosion or rust. There are adjustable IR and also LED lights!!! These cameras are made for specific applications such as aquariums, marine research, and industrial applications. When you get the camera it has a fixed IP setting of 192.168.X and you basically plug it into your net work and run their software off included usb thumb drive to find the camera and adjust any IP settings to match your network. Once it matches your network then you are good to go and you can connect it to a network video recorder NVR or blue Iris, or you can also see it on an iPhone app. It does come with a 12 V power adapter so if you do not have power over ethernet that is of one option. But that little box needs to stay water tight, so the other option is to cut off that box and put in a waterproof Internet female to female connector which I plan to do myself. Anyhow the image quality is fantastic the software is very good too and I have a few more case uses to purchase more of these cameras. If anything changes I will update my review. If you have any trouble connecting or getting it to work simply email the company and they will respond within 24 hours and they can also do a screen share to help you out.