SW-S97K8F-8D6X10 Product Information

Full color night vision low light underwater camera is very suitable for use in low light conditions underwater. In the absence of supplemental light support. It can effectively restore the color of the image picture, and greatly see more details underwater. In the scene that is not suitable for the use of infrared lights and fill light, for example, in some breeding objects can not be disturbed by the light source, but the light source environment is dark, especially suitable for the use of this full-color night vision low illumination underwater camera.

 Focal length: ≥5cm (adjustable in software)

Support device: Support iOS, Android, computer, NVR. 

Supportprotocol:"ONVIF, HTTP,DDNS, FTP,RTSP,RTMP,IPv4/IPv6,802.1x,HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP,SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, ;SDK Secondary development"

Material : Seawater Grade Stainless Steel

Waterproof level: IP68 (permanently installed underwater)

Water pressure resistance: max.1000Kpa (max. water depth 100M)

Cable: Default length 20m (maximum 80m), PU material, diameter 8MM, 60KG tensile strength, anti-aging. Anti-friction, anti-seawater corrosion, special underwater wire.

Network: Gigabit RJ45 network port (supports custom HDMI output)

Use environment: land/vehicle/boat/surface/underwater (freshwater seawater)

Operating humidity: 0%-100%

Operating temperature: -20°~55°