UL-S125-WDX20-100W Product parameters

Model UL-S125-WDX20-100W
Light white light
Method (automatic control/manual control/time control) 3 methods - white light, 100 levels of brightness
Brightness 12000LM
Supported protocols TCP/IP protocol
Supported platforms WINDOWS software, SDK development protocol
Material stainless steel
Waterproof grade IP68 (permanently installed underwater)
Water pressure resistance maximum 500Kpa (maximum water depth 50M)
Cable default length: 20m (maximum length: 80m), PU material, diameter: 10MM, 60KG tensile resistance, aging resistance, friction resistance, seawater corrosion resistance
Usage environment land/vehicle/ship/surface/underwater (fresh water and seawater)
Working humidity 0% -100%
Working temperature -20 °~55 °
Support voltage DC24V 120W
Camera size ⌀ 125*155mm
Weight 4KG
Packaging 1 * Bracket accessories,power adapter, USB drive