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Powerful fill light underwater IP camera For turbid water

Powerful fill light underwater IP camera For turbid water

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Cable length
Lens Type

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Model comparison

Model SD-SK2-D6X20 SD-SK2-D12X20 SD-S5-DK5X20 SD-S8Z-DKX20
Lens Type
fixed-focus lens 2.8mmlens(H.FOV:100°)
optical zoom lens 2.8-12mmH.FOV:90-30° 3.6-10mm(H.FOV:100-40°) 2.8-12mmH.FOV:90-30° 3.6-10mm(H.FOV:100-40°)
Motorized Focus Lens 3.6mm Motorized Focus Lens (H.FOV:80°)Focal length ≥5cm adjustable
Pixel 2 MP 1920×1080P 60FPS
1 MP 1280×720P  60FPS
1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,
color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white
0.0001Lux F1.2
2 MP 1920×1080P 120FPS
1 MP 1280×720P  120FPS
1/1.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,
color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white
0.0001Lux F1.2
5MP 2592×1944P 50FPS
4MP 2560*1440P 60FPS
3MP 2304*1296P 60FPS
2MP 1920×1080P 60FPS
1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,
color 0.001Lux F1.2,
black/white 0.0001Lux F1.2
8MP 3840×2160P 30fps
5MP 2592×1944P 30FPS
4MP 2560*1440P 30FPS
1/1.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,
color 0.001Lux F1.2,
black/white 0.0001Lux F1.2
Supplementary light
(Mobile/PC /NVR Settings)
Light sensor controls 12 white lights, 10 level brightness Settings (Max 4000 lumens), 4000 lumens
Manually control 12 white lights, 10 brightness Settings (Max 4000 lumens), 4000 lumens
Light sensor controls 8 INFRARED lamps with 10 level brightness Settings (Max 4000 lumens)
Manual control of 8 infrared lights, level 10 brightness Settings (Max 4000 lumens)
Image color settings Two modes: 1: white light - full color; 2: infrared light - automatic color to black and white;

Product information

Product Characteristics:

Motorized zoom focus function to see the details of the object.
100 meters water depth and pressure resistance, adapt to wider environment
24W adjustable white light, 10W adjustable infrared light, freely adjustable lighting mode.
Selling points:
1: HD network camera, 8 white lights and 12 infrared lights. Solve the problem of short underwater visual range.
2: Light without additional power supply, provided by the camera power, to solve multiple wiring difficulties

Barlus underwater cameras are widely used in aquaculture cameras (fish farming, sea cucumber farming, etc.) , aquarium monitoring camera, shipboard camera, ship engine monitoring camera, marine pasture camera, underwater engineering acceptance camera, marine life detection camera, liquid operation camera for machine processing industry, etc.

Support equipment:Support iOS, Android, computer, NVR. 

Support agreement: ONVIF, HTTP,DDNS, FTP,RTSP,RTMP,IPv4/IPv6,802.1x,HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP,SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, ;SDK Secondary development

Texture: Seawater Grade Stainless Steel

Waterproofing grade: IP68 (Permanently installed underwater)

Pressure:Maximum 1500Kpa (maximum water depth 150M, support customized depth of 300m)

Cable:Default length of 20 meters (Max. 80 meters),PU material, diameter of 7MM. 60KG tension resistance, aging resistance, friction resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, special underwater wire.

Service environment: Land/vehicle-borne/shipborne/surface/Underwater (fresh and sea water)

Operating humidity: 0%-100%

Operating temperature: -20°~55°

Support the voltage: DC24V 30W  

Camera size: Camera ⌀70mm*140MM,light ⌀70*100MM

Weight: 4KG

Packaging: 1 * camera,1 * camera stand fittings ,1 * U disk (software and manual)

1 Year Warranty

Please use your Barlus underwater camera with peace of mind. We offer a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem with the camera it can be repaired or returned to you free of charge. Calculated from the date of receipt of the original order.

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About us

Barlus is a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to creating professional and practical underwater surveillance cameras. Feel free to contact us for any further needs!

Powerful lighting

There are two super bright underwater lights on both sides of the camera, 12 white lights and 8 infrared lights are built-in. 10-level brightness is adjustable, the maximum is 4000 lumens, and the brightness is 4 times that of ordinary underwater lights. It can effectively improve underwater visibility in turbid water, expand the visible range, and help you explore more details of the underwater world.

Manual/electric zoom

When the object you want to observe is too far from the camera, don't worry, the camera's own zoom function can come in handy at this time. The magnification of the camera can be adjusted by software, and the picture can be observed on the computer to achieve parfocality and obtain the clearest picture.

Great image quality

2MP/5MP/8MP three pixels can be selected. There is no highest pixel, only higher pixels, you can choose according to your needs.The camera is underwater and the computer is above water; all the fish can never see you; ensure your safety when observing aquatic life,fully relaxed under the sea.Watch the underwater scenery comfortably in front of the computer.

Easily view images

Support ISO/Android/PC to watch the underwater situation in real time, and grasp the dynamics of fish anytime, anywhere. RTSP&RTMP support, can connect to your social media. Share your wonderful underwater stories.

  • Underwater viewing

  • Aquaculture

  • Underwater Engineering Monitoring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dredging company
Underwater camera

Nice camera, lots of functions, fancy, very pleased with purchase

Easy to use, standards based camera and GREAT customer support!

I appreciated the fact that the network details and RTSP stream addressed were clearly and concisely included on the thumb drive that came with the product. What's more, I reached out to the vendor with a question about other types of units and received an email and skype response within 8 hours. It was clear the representative really knew their product lines and technicalities. I will be ordering these units for further projects, for sure.

Fantastic product & service

I rely on these cameras for professional use & find them ideal for 24/7 use in a harsh river environment. I’ve needed Barlus customer & technical support several times & they have been exemplary: quick, courteous & knowledgeable.

Super recomendable

Es muy robusta, estanca, tiene buena imagen con o sin luz, alimentación PoE, viene con instrucciones, software...... muy completa. Sólo recuerda utilizar Internet Explorer y no otro navegador para conectarte vía web. Si la utilizas en red local, entonces mejor configurarla con el CMS que viene en el CD.

Great camera !

Haven't tried it underwater yet but the picture is very good quality. Difficult to set up and needed help from Barlus who were great. Within 30mins of me emailing them they had got it all working for me!