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White light infrared light electric zoom underwater network camera

White light infrared light electric zoom underwater network camera

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Cable length
Power spply (Cable≥30m, only DC or POE power can be selected )

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Model comparison

Model Lens Pixel
SK2Z-PX10 2.8-12mm (H.FOv :90-30°) motorized zoom lens

2 MP 1920×1080P 25FPS

1 MP 1280×720P  25FPS

1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white

 0.0001Lux F1.2


2 MP 1920×1080P 60FPS

1 MP 1280×720P  60FPS

1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 

0.0001Lux F1.2

SK2Z-P12X10 3.6-10mm (H.FOv :90-30°) motorized zoom lens

2 MP 1920×1080P 120FPS

1 MP 1280×720P  120FPS

1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 

0.0001Lux F1.2

SK5Z-PX10 2.8-12mm (H.FOv :90-30°) motorized zoom lens

5MP 2592×1944P 20FPS

4MP 2560*1440P 20FPS

3MP 2304*1296P 25FPS

2MP 1920×1080P 25FPS

1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 

0.0001Lux F1.2


5MP 2592×1944P 50FPS

4MP 2560*1440P 60FPS

3MP 2304*1296P 60FPS

2MP 1920×1080P 60FPS

1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 

0.0001Lux F1.2

SK8Z-PX10 3.6-10mm (H.FOv :90-30°) motorized zoom lens

8MP 3840×2160P  30fps

5MP 2592×1944P 30FPS

4MP 2560*1440P 30FPS

1/2.5" SONY CMOS sensor ,

color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 

0.0001Lux F1.2

Product information

Motorized zoom underwater network camera

1: Stainless steel shell---used in seawater and freshwater environments
2: White light and infrared light fill light-----a variety of lighting modes to adapt to different environmental needs.
3: Electric zoom ---- adjust the lens according to different application environments, and output images clearly.
4: Tensile, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant integrated cable.

🎥Barlus underwater cameras are widely used in aquaculture cameras (fish farming, sea cucumber farming, etc.) , aquarium monitoring camera, shipboard camera, ship engine monitoring camera, marine pasture camera, underwater engineering acceptance camera, marine life detection camera, liquid operation camera for machine processing industry, Underwater machinery monitoring, Water gate monitoring of hydropower station, etc.

🌟Barlus camera is a safe, waterproof(IP68), and high-performance camera. As we introduce new technology on our products, Barlus camera sets a standard of high level in the industry. Adhering to the concept of safety first, the casing and cables of the camera are made of special underwater materials.stronger and more difficult to rust, which is extremely corrosive. Works well under water pressure up to 50m depth.Explore the fascinating underwater world with confidence.


Supplementary light (mobile/PC /NVR Settings):

(Automatic light sensor control/manual control) 2 modes ------ 3PCS white light, level 10 brightness, 1000 lumens

(Automatic light sensor control/manual control) 2 modes ------ 4PCS infrared lamps, level 10 brightness, 1000 lumes


Two modes: 1: white light - full color; 2: infrared light - automatic color to black and white;

Support equipment:

Support iOS, Android, computer, NVR. 

Support agreement:


Texture:Seawater Grade Stainless Steel

Waterproof level:IP68(Permanently installed underwater)

Water pressure Resistance:

Maximum 500Kpa (maximum water depth 50M) (Only 50 meters with lamp, 100 meters without lamp, 200 meters of water pressure)


Default length of 10 meters (Max. 80 meters),PU material, diameter of 7MM. 60KG tension resistance, aging resistance, friction resistance, seawater corrosion resistance, special underwater wire.

Service environment:

Land/vehicle-borne/shipborne/surface/Underwater (fresh and sea water)

Operating humidity:0%-100%

Operating Temperature:-20°~55°

Support the voltage:

Cable length ≤10 meters; Three choices: the default option 1: DC12V/POE. IEEE 802 af power

Cable length 11-70 meters; Two options: option 1: DC24V/AC24V; Option 2:48 v - 54 v POE. IEEE 802 af power 

Camera Size:⌀70*140mm

Camera Weight:2KG

FCL weight and size:320*300*110mm  /  3.5KG 

Large container weight size (8 sets):470*300*560  / 28KG 


1 * camera

1 * camera stand fittings 

1 * U disk (software and manual)

1 Year Warranty

Please use your Barlus underwater camera with peace of mind. We offer a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem with the camera it can be repaired or returned to you free of charge. Calculated from the date of receipt of the original order.

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About us

Barlus is a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to creating professional and practical underwater surveillance cameras. Feel free to contact us for any further needs!

Excellent electric zoom function

Zoom lens feature provides you with a wider range of vision, zoom in to see more details enabling you to shoot as long and as far as you would like without losing quality of image.

Ultra high frame rate

The high frame rate allows you to capture smooth slow motion video, making your footage more exciting, more immersive and ultimately more fun!Enjoy high speed action sequences beyond the limits of human vision. The Barlus offers a new way to see the world from a unique point of view.

Software to adjust lighting

1.Intelligent photosensitive IC automatically senses the environment and automatically switches the lighting mode
2.The light switch and brightness can be controlled by software. Adjust it to your needs, and you don't have to worry about lighting even when you're away from your camera.

Easy to get image

Support ISO/Android/PC to watch the underwater situation in real time, and you can grasp the dynamics of your fish anytime, anywhere.Support RTMP/RTSP, can share wonderful underwater stories to your social media.

  • Underwater viewing

  • Aquaculture

  • Underwater Engineering Monitoring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Paul Avenant
Excellent image quality, high quality construction, responsive support

I currently have 8 BARLUS cameras installed in the Caribbean Sea at depths that range from 10ft to 20ft (some as far as 400ft from shore). They are installed in spots that often experience rough seas and strong surge. My experience with them has always been excellent. I decided recently to upgrade one of the cameras to the 5MP, 10x zoom camera and have been blown away by it. I bought it for its 10x zoom and higher frame rate and those work as expected, but what I did not expect was the huge step up in image quality, white balance, low light performance and its auto-focus capability of this camera. All my Barlus cameras have had sturdy stainless steel bodies that feel solid and high quality, and have withstood the stormy ocean and shark bumps - and this one is the same. Barlus support has always been excellent and when I had a question about the setup of this camera they were again super responsive and helpful. For the older cameras the biggest downside has always been the software to configure them - it feels dated, required Internet Explorer and can be a bit clunky. Although it is still not great, the version with this camera is a big step forward. But above all else is the amazing image quality of this camera. I love it and recommend it and Barlus 100%. You can find a live stream of this camera here: YouTube video placeholder
Best underwater camera

Barlus camera has received it, the installation is also quite simple need to download a software binding, and then use the phone or computer can watch my fish, the use is still very convenient. The installation has been used for a few days to see very clearly, the overall is good, the price is recommended to get. Customer service is also very patient.