SK2F-4D12WJ-WV3000 Product information

Material :Stainless steel
Waterproof rating: IP68 (permanently installed underwater)
Water pressure resistance: Max. 30MPa (Max. water depth 3000M)
Interface: 8-core watertight connector
Operating environment: Land/vehicle/boat/surface/underwater (freshwater seawater)
Operating humidity: 0%-100%
Working temperature: -20°~55°
Support voltage: DC12-DC28V / AC12-AC28V.
Camera size: ⌀70*140mm
Camera weight: 1.5KG
Weight size of the whole box: 280*260*110mm / 2.5KG
Large box weight size (8 units): 470*300*560mm / 22KG
Package: 1 * camera 1 * U disk (software and manual)