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8.HD Wide Angle Underwater IP Camera for Saltwater and Freshwater Aquaculture

8.HD Wide Angle Underwater IP Camera for Saltwater and Freshwater Aquaculture

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Model comparison

Model B2G5MPBX10 UW-S5-3PBX10
Lens 2.0mm (H.FOV:110°  2.8mm (H.FOV:100° 
Resolution 5MP 2592×1944P 25FPS
4MP 2560*1440P 25FPS
3MP 2304*1296P 25FPS
2MP 1920×1080P 25FPS
1/2.7"  SONY CMOS sensor,color 0.01Lux F1.2,black/white 0.01Lux F1.2
5MP 2592×1944P  20FPS
4MP 2560*1440P 20FPS
3MP 2304*1296P 30FPS
2MP 1920×1080P 30FPS
1/2.7"SONY CMOS sens or ,color 0.01Lux F1.2,black/white 0.01Lux F1.2
Fill light (mobile / computer / NVR settings) NO (Automatic light sensor control/manual control/time control) 3 ways ------ 3PCS white light, 10 levels of brightness.
(Automatic light sensor control/manual control/time control) 3 ways ------ 4PCS infrared light, 10 levels of brightness.
Image color Full Color Two modes: 1: white light-full color; 2: infrared light-automatic color to black and white;
Water pressure resistance Maximum 1000Kpa (Maximum water depth 100M) Maximum 500Kpa (Maximum water depth 50M)
Power Supply DC12V 1A POE:48V-54V 802.3af and DC12V
Camera size ⌀70*65mm ⌀70*10mm

Product information

Superior Underwater CCTV Camera Light4pcs Infrared + 3 White LED Lights Camera,Infrared white light integrated system, support 10 levels light brightness adjustment for your freely choice of of light intensity as needed, making more convenience when you fishing.And you can switch the lights when you like. 

Long and Strong Cable WireThe cable wire of the video underwater camera with the length of 10m is very convenient for you to see clearly in the deep water, which is also waterproof, cold-resistant and anti-pressing to work well and you will not worry about the corrosion.

Live broadcastEvery barlus underwater camera comes lets you Live-Stream footage directly to your mobile app

Our Commitment We are committed in pursuit of the products with superior quality. If you receive any defective products, or any quality problems within one years,please feel free to contact uswe will Reply You within 12 Hours.We care about your feedback and try our best to make you feel our sincerity.

 🎥Barlus underwater cameras are widely used in aquaculture cameras (fish farming, sea cucumber farming, etc.) , aquarium monitoring camera, shipboard camera, ship engine monitoring camera, marine pasture camera, underwater engineering acceptance camera, marine life detection camera, liquid operation camera for machine processing industry, etc.

Supporting device:Support iOS, Android, computer, NVR. Compatible with Haikang, Dahua and Xiongmai protocols. (Only support windows-IE browser for camera internal parameter setting)

Supporting agreement:  ONVIF, HTTP,DDNS, FTP,RTSP,IPv4/IPv6,802.1x,HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, RTCP, UPNP,SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, ;SDK Secondary development

Material: Seawater Grade Stainless Steel

Waterproof level: IP68

Cable:The default length is 10 meters (the longest is not more than 20 meters), PU material, diameter 6.7MM. Resistance to 60KG tension, anti-aging, anti-friction, anti-corrosion by sea water, special underwater wire.

Use environment: Land/Vehicle/Ship/Surface/Underwater (fresh water and sea water)

Working humidity: 0%-100%

working temperature:-20°~55°


Package: 1* camera,1* Camera bracket accessories,1*U disk (software and manual)


1 Year Warranty

Please use your Barlus underwater camera with peace of mind. We offer a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem with the camera it can be repaired or returned to you free of charge. Calculated from the date of receipt of the original order.

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100% Risk-Free Purchase

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About us

Barlus is a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to creating professional and practical underwater surveillance cameras. Feel free to contact us for any further needs!

About lights

【No lights】:All underwater camera lights emit heat, If you are worried that the lights will hurt your fish, It provides the perfect shooting environment for recording true color without negative impact underwater animals.
【With lights】: 4 infrared + 3 white LED cameras, photosensitive IC automatically senses the environment, supports 10-level light brightness adjustment, and can freely adjust the light intensity according to needs, which is more convenient when fishing. Turn the lights on and off as you like.

Professional Full HD Underwater Camera

5MP UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY - can capture footage at 1080P resolution for photos.Combined with 2.8mm lens. Better view undersea. Take wonderful photos and video with excellent quality and details. you can enjoy the real-time video from mysterious underwater world.

Outstanding quality

The quality of our hardware is also top notch. Use professional special underwater materials to create an underwater camera and cable that is anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-friction, and can withstand 50-100m water depth pressure. Don't worry about charging either, the cable will keep powering you,It also works worry-free in seawater.

View and share

Connect your mobile phone/computer to get the underwater video shot by the camera. Support RTSP, you can connect to your social media through it to share your wonderful underwater stories.

  • Underwater viewing

  • Aquaculture

  • Underwater Engineering Monitoring

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Great camera for a great price and amazing support.

I was a little concerned about the reviews about the difficult set up but it wasn't that hard and the support was amazing! They helped me several times to get the camera connected and the app set up on my phone for viewing. Also I got a wireless extender with a ethernet outlet so I could plug in the camera close to the pond.

the view is so clear and I'm having so much fun watching my fish and turtles from a whole new perspective.

The only issue I'm having is not the camera or service but my fish Nemo who LOVES the camera and parks right in front of it often like he is some sort of movie star!

Definetely a great purchase

I bought two of these and I put it on both ends of our pond. The clarity in these pictures does not do it justice. These were screenshots on a cloudy day with slightly cloudy water. The video can be even sharper if I ran these cameras at 4K vice1080p. I turned down the resolution and bitrate since I stream it on YT 24/7. I ran out of bandwidth for higher quality because I also have 10 other 4k security cameras on the network. The build quality on these cameras are great. It's very heavy so it does not move around at all. I am not sure if it was designed to be on a moving boat inside the water but in slow moving water I have no issues. As for the software, it's relatively complicated especially for a novice. You should already know about resolution, bitrate, FPS, VBR/CBR, H.264/264, etc. Customer service (even though it's in China) was one of the best services I've ever had. They responded really quick and very detailed in their emails. They answered all my questions on the PTZ presets and other questions. If I had anything negative to say, I don't quite like the gray network cable. I prefer black so it's harder to see. My solution was to cover the cable with black 1/4" split mesh loom tubing sleeves.

Great Product

"I’m very impressed with the quality of the Barlus underwater camera. As the owner of a koi business, Play It Koi I use this camera to keep an eye on my prized koi fish.

My only regret is that I wish I had purchased it earlier because a river otter recently visited our koi pond and unfortunately ate many of our koi. If I had this camera installed prior to the otter’s visit, then I would’ve easily been able to detect that there was an issue early on and stop it. At least I can now have peace of mind that I’m protected better for the future.

A couple features that I really like about this camera are
1) I’ve been able to setup live stream over the internet (RSTP) so I can monitor my fish remotely or easily broadcast my underwater camera
2) I’ve also been able to setup a live stream on my phone, so I can also check in on the koi if I’m on the go
3) The underwater light option really makes my pond glow at night and adds a nice element while also allowing me visibility at night
4) The customer support has exceeded my expectations. Any issues that I had during setup were easily resolved either by email or by allowing their tech support to remote into my computer to see that I initially set it up with the wrong IP address 😉

My recommendation to future purchasers of these cameras is to measure the amount of cord you will need closely (measure it twice) and then give yourself several extra feet of cord for wiggle room. I routed the cable under our house and found that an extra 5 ft of cable would’ve come in handy. I was ultimately able to get it to work by splicing in some CAT 6, but If I could’ve avoided that hassle for a few extra bucks I most certainly would have.

I am going to be ordering 2 more cameras here shortly!"

Happy with purchase for use in freshwater lake

I purchased this to watch the fish we feed under our dock on a Florida lake. It's no coral reef and the visibility often isn't great but we still enjoy watching the various species. Due to all the particles in my water it's not great for viewing beyond 2-3 meter's. It took me a while to get all the settings sorted out and I don't find the infared and light to be helpfull but again that's probably due to my lake's lower visibility. You may want to do a little research first on lenses, focal distance, light sensor, ect... so you have realistic expectations.

Roger Sunde
Quality underwater Camera

Have had a couple of these cameras. High quality build with 316 SS bracket and case. 5 MP images very good. Camera is first class my only compliant is the software is nearly worthless. I use with Security Spy which works well.