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Underwater camera waterproof connector -Cable can be plugged and unplugged

Underwater camera waterproof connector -Cable can be plugged and unplugged

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1 Year Warranty

Please use your Barlus underwater camera with peace of mind. We offer a one year warranty. If there is a quality problem with the camera it can be repaired or returned to you free of charge. Calculated from the date of receipt of the original order.

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100% Risk-Free Purchase

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About us

Barlus is a manufacturer that has always been dedicated to creating professional and practical underwater surveillance cameras. Feel free to contact us for any further needs!

Underwater special materials

🐳IP68 Waterproof function: It can effectively prevent moisture from entering the inside of electronic equipment, which can damage the equipment or cause safety accidents.
⚙️ Protects equipment: Prevents dust and other impurities from entering the inside of the equipment, thus extending the life and maintenance intervals of the equipment.

Increased cable flexibility

The application of watertight connectors allows the cable and camera to be separated. If you need a longer cable, you can just buy the cable part. There is no need to re-purchase the camera.

Easy to connect

Simply align the mouth of the tube and push it in to automatically lock the seal, good sealing stability; after the test is completed, you need to disconnect, hold the slip-on part and pull it out backwards; the main part is made of stainless steel, wear-resistant and pressure-resistant.

Wide range of applications

Watertight connector is an important unit component that is indispensable for marine robots and their related application fields, which takes on important mission tasks and plays an important role. Other common components (e.g. underwater cameras, underwater lighting, underwater heads and compensators) require watertight connectors for signal transmission and power supply, etc.

  • Underwater viewing

  • Aquaculture

  • Underwater Engineering Monitoring

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