Model SK2F-4D6WX10-W SK5F-4D5WX10-W SK5FH1-4D5WX10-W
lens 3.6mm(H.FOV:80°)Motorized fous lens
Piexl 2 MP 1920×1080P 60FPS
1 MP 1280×720P  60FPS
1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 0.0001Lux F1.2
5MP 2592×1944P 50FPS
4MP 2560×1440P 60FPS
3MP 2304×1296P 60FPS
2MP 1920×1080P 60FPS
1/2.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 0.0001Lux F1.2
5MP 2592×1944P 50FPS
4MP 2560×1440P 60FPS
3MP 2304×1296P 60FPS
2MP 1920×1080P 60FPS
1/1.8" SONY CMOS sensor ,color 0.001Lux F1.2,black/white 0.0001Lux F1.2
Fill light (cell phone/computer/NVR setting) (Auto control/manual control/time control) 3 ways ------ 6PCS white light, 10 levels of brightness, 1000 lumens
image color White Light - Full Color
Supported Devices Support iOS, Android, PC, NVR.
Glass cleaning function Supports glass cleaning (timed cleaning, manual cleaning)
material Seawater grade stainless steel
waterproof level IP68 (permanently installed underwater)
water pressure resistance Maximum 500Kpa (Maximum water depth 50M)
cable Default length 10 meters (up to 80 meters), PU material, diameter 7MM, 60KG tensile strength, anti-aging, anti-friction, anti-seawater corrosion, special underwater wire.
operating environment Land/vehicle-borne/ship-borne/surface/underwater
Operating humidity 0%-100%
operating temperature -20°~55°
Support Voltage DC24V 24W
Camera Size 70*112*160mm
weight 3KG
Package Size 320*300*110mm / 4KG
Dimensions of full box case weight (8 units) 470*300*560mm  /  32KG 
packages 1* Camera
1* Camera bracket accessory
1* USB flash drive (software and manual)