Learn about the types of fill lights available at Barlus

Learn about the types of fill lights available at Barlus

One of the biggest challenges to underwater photography is the lack of natural light. Water absorbs light quickly, especially at depths of more than a few meters, making it difficult to capture clear and detailed images. A fill light on an underwater camera can solve this problem by providing the necessary illumination.

In contrast to conventional plug-and-play underwater fill lights, Barlus fill lights can be remotely controlled just like underwater cameras. There is no need for on-site control switches. This provides great convenience and flexibility for the user.

Currently, there are 3 forms of fill light on the Barlus:

1. Built-in fill light.

Generally built-in infrared + white light. Each 1000 lumens.

2.External fill light.

Optional external single light/external double light. The cable of the light is integrated into the internal camera. The camera and light can be controlled by one cable.

External normal fill light (2000 lumens each)
External super fill light (6000 lumens each)

3. separate fill light.

Separate fill light needs to be controlled by a different software than the camera.

Dazzle light (2000 lumens): different light colors can be switched
Ordinary fill light (2000 lumens): infrared light + white light two modes. 2000 lumens each.
Advanced fill light (6000 lumens): white light.
Super fill light (12000 lumens): white light


Supports manual/automatic/timed control of lights. Ten levels of brightness can be adjusted.

Manual mode: control camera mode switching, light brightness, switching light on/off, etc. within the software/webpage/NVR.
Automatic mode: camera tail with photosensitive sensing. It will automatically turn on the fill light when sensing the environment with low light.
Timer mode: You can set the timer to turn on the light. For example, it can be set to turn on the infrared light from 7:00 pm to 6:00 am the next day.

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