Camera Housing Customized Case Show

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1. Swimming Pool Customized Cameras


 Customers use it for pool brackets mounted on the side against the pool wall. Custom curved housing to prevent protruding camera equipment from injuring people in the pool. Avoid safety hazards.

Built-in 3 cameras provide a wide field of view. Cameras are connected to a display next to the safety officer. Effectively see what's going on under the pool in real time.


2. Specific size binocular camera



The customer needs to mount the camera horizontally on the robot arm. Lens facing up. Reach into narrow aisles to work.The Barlus is a customized camera based on the dimensions of the aisle provided by the customer, with six external screw holes for mounting and securing the camera.

The binocular camera is capable of ranging and capturing images in an underwater environment.
1. accurate ranging and synchronized images to provide the required ranging data.
2. real-time acquisition and synchronized display of binocular images, through image processing algorithms, you can get a clearer, three-dimensional image effect.
3. With the illumination of the upper and lower rows of fill-in lights, you can better observe the situation in the channel.