GY-H1.6F-6DHX20 information

1: indicates the original network output 
2: Global shutter 
3: electric focusing 
4: IP68 waterproof grade 
5: support custom glass cleaning function 
6: stainless steel, corrosion resistant design. 

Operating system: 32/64-bit Windows XP/7/10, 32/64-bit Linux and 64-bit MacOS

Protocol//Standard: GigE Vision V2.0,GenlCam

Waterproof grade: IP68

texture of material: stainless steel

Glass cleaning function: (Support customization)

Water pressure resistance:Maximum 500Kpa (maximum water depth 50M)

Cable:The default length is 20 meters, made of PU material, with a diameter of 12 mm. It is resistant to 60 KG tension, aging, friction, seawater corrosion, and special underwater wire.

Operating environment: Land/vehicle/ship/surface/underwater (fresh water, sea water)

Operating humidity: 0%-100%

working temperature: -20°~55°

input voltage: DC24V

Camera size:⌀70*195mm

Camera weight:4.5KG

Packing:1 * Camera

1 * Camera bracket accessories

1 * U disk (software and manual)